Saturday, May 28, 2011

Val's Wedding

This weekend was a holiday weekend so I figured that I could handle designing for two weddings. The first was for a super sweet bride that works with my eye doctor. I loved how she wanted to use a combination of purple and yellow. She also used my most favorite flower...purple hydrangea. I wish I could've seen how the bouquet looked later when the purple tulips opened...but of course I have to give my brides the flowers when they are at their freshest!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amanda's Wedding

One of my old co-workers at Wooddale Church was married this weekend up in White Bear Lake and I was honored to be chosen as their floral designer. The bride knew just what she wanted for her flowers, and it all centered around a rich mix of red flowers! The garden roses added a rich texture, as well as the ranuculus that we almost weren't able to get. I was so excited about how it all turned out. My favorite part was how I finished off her bouquet by wrapping an old family handkerchief and pendant. I hope to get some professional shots, so please check back.